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  • Mandela's prisoner number was 46664 - the "Number of the Beast" flanked by two 4's (in Chinese lore, number 4 is the death number) - co-incidence?
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  • In "IQ and the Wealth of Nations" Prof Richard Lynn estimated the average IQ of Black Africans to be between 66 and 67, quite possibly 66.6..?
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  • “African societies are like a football team in which one player will not pass the ball to another out of fear that the latter might score a goal." Daniel Etounga-Manguelle (Cameroonian scholar)
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  • "The destruction of white civilisation is the inmost desire of that league of designated victims known as 'minorities'". Joseph Sobran (1946-2010)
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  • Truth is considered hate-speech by those who hate to speak the truth
  • Society is a racial construct. Racism is a social construct.
  • Some ideas are so incredibly daft that only highly intelligent people can delude themselves into believing them. (George Orwell). The idea that racial diversity is a strength for a nation is surely the definitive example of this bizarre intellectual pseudo philosophising.
  • When a liberals brain is dissected you will find nothing right in the left brain and nothing left in the right brain
  • Martin Luther King said whites should judge blacks BY THE CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER and not by the colour of their skins. And I entirely agree with him..!!!
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  • "Once blacks take power, they do not want to live with a minority whose success highlights their own failure." Jared Taylor (Amren)
  • A mixture of 10% shit and 90% ice-cream improves the flavour of shit whilst completely ruining the ice-cream, and making shit palatable is essentially what multi-culturalism is all about..!
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  • The white race is smart enough to create the most just and prosperous societies the world has ever known, but stupid enough to think that other races can do the same.
  • "It’s incredible that any white sends aid to Africa when Africans are anti-white racists" Mfonobong Nsehe (Kenyan journalist)
  • "INTEGRITY is the first fundamental of prosperity" is a statement most people would agree with. But almost anyone who has worked with Africans for any length of time knows that integrity is virtually non-existent amongst them, and this is why the idea of a prosperous and civilised black society is impossible
  • “The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the obviously untrue” - HL Mencken
  • If you’re not a liberal at 20 you have NO HEART - if you’re still a liberal at 30 you have NO HEAD.!
  • "When I am the weaker, I ask you for my freedom, because compassion is the white man's principle. But when I am the stronger, I take away your freedom, because tyranny is the black mans principle"
  • the degree of sympathy whites feel for blacks is in inverse proportion to their experience with them.
  • “Idealism increases in direct proportion to ones distance from the problem” - John Galsworthy
  • “The worst form of INEQUALITY is to try to make unequal things equal” - Aristotle (384-322BC)
  • Educating low IQ people - especially negroes - is a shameful waste of resources. It doesn´t make them intelligent but simply enables them to be perceived to be intelligent. If or when such people gain power the first thing they do is to eliminate the genuinely intelligent, who they know are a threat to their unjustifiably elevated positions.
  • "South Africa is a not a nation of 80% blacks with 20% whites, but one of 20% whites with 80% blacks" - "Camp of the Saints" (1972) by Jean Raspail. SA now has less than 10% whites and 90% blacks, but this truth still applies.
  • "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" in a NUTSHELL... A person with genuine qualifications doesn’t need AA....Therefore, those who demand AA are obviously NOT QUALIFIED..! To offer AA to a GENUINELY QUALIFIED applicant would be an insult to his ability and integrity. Acceptance of AA is therefore an admission of FAILURE and INFERIORITY..! AA is thus for LOSERS only..!”
  • "…the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them". Thomas Jefferson: Autobiography.
  • "... the lofty idea of `the war on racism' has become a hideously false ideology, where "anti-racism" will be for the 21st century what communism was for the 20th...a source of violence." Alain Finkelkraut (French philosopher)
  • Blacks have long since learned how to manipulate the white man by exploiting his compassionate nature and his sense of fair play, whilst having absolutely no intention of practicing the same virtues in return.
  • “CIVILISATION" (from the Latin 'civis') pertains to people who create cities and are well-adjusted to city life. Besides being totally incapable of creating livable cities or behaving in a “civilized” fashion, whenever blacks occupy human-built cities they predictably destroy them with their malignant presence. They are therefore the antithesis of “civilized”.
  • “If your skin is black you can be forgiven for anything.” Ian Douglas Smith (PM of Rhodesia 1964-79) He said this after black Zambian "soldiers" had shot dead 3 white tourists at the Victoria Falls. A young girl hid behind a rock for 20 minutes, when she thought it was safe she came out and was shot dead. The "international community" made excuses for the blacks.
  • IVORY COAST - When once asked by a reporter "how many whites do you have?", Francophone black President Houphouet-Boigny proudly replied - "I have 40,000 now and I hope to have 80,000 in a few years time”. Under HP's enlightened rule, the economic success of Cote D'Ivoire was widely touted by naively optimistic Western liberals as "self-evident proof that Black-ruled countries could be successful". After HB's death in 1993 "his whites" saw the writing on the wall and began leaving in droves, whereupon Cote D'Ivoire soon disintegrated into chaos.
  • “Men and women are 99.99 percent identical genetically but no one suggests that men and women are identical”.
  • "The outcome of elections is not decided by the voters, but by those who count the votes" Josef Stalin
  • A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul (GB Shaw)
  • “Africans like to think that all white men carry a sack of money to distribute amongst them” - My Ghanaian friend, Lomo Togo (1991)
  • "You're not a racist like most whites" – Thomas, a black student I befriended - Malabo, Equatorial Guinea 1991. Needless to say, this was BEFORE I arrived in South Africa..!
  • "...sullen peoples - HALF DEVIL and HALF CHILD” Rudyard Kipling's highly observant remark perfectly explains why blacks commit such barabaric crimes and are so insanely destructive both to themselves and other races
  • "I have always observed that wherever you find the Negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving." —Robert E. Lee
  • “The Native mentality does not allow for a peaceful demonstration. For them to gather, means violence.” Lt. Colonel Pienaar at the commission of inquiry into the “Sharpeville Massacre”.
  • The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those that speak it. George Orwell
  • “There is nothing more painful to me than to walk down the street and hear footsteps behind me... then turn around and see a white person and feel relieved.” Je$$e Jack$coon
  • "A racist incident is one that is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person” Macpherson report
  • Most people are afraid to hold an unfashionable opinion. This is especially true of women, since they tend to socialise more.
  • "To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself." Theodore Dalrymple
  • “As I was checking him in, I thought to myself ‘If this guy doesn’t look like an Arab terrorist, then nobody does.’ Then I gave myself a mental slap because it’s not nice to think things like that." Michael Tuohey, US Airways ticket agent checking-in Muhammad Atta on 9/11
  • We are constantly surrendering to the most powerful word ever invented - "racism" - every time our invaders (and their facilitators amongst us) use it, instead of standing and fighting against this deliberately vague word - we run for cover and give up a bit more territory. Our reaction is like that of Dracula's to a crucifix..!
  • The notion of black rulers able to contain black pathologies is a tragic, mistaken belief that creates new innocent victims every day.
  • "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear". George Orwell
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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

1790 - Boers save Australia from starvation

Image: Sirius Rock and Plaque at Mosman Bay.

This historical episode has been virtually forgotten by modern Australians who, of all people, should remember when their nascent and fragile colony was saved from starvation by the racist Boers..!!

The frigate HMS Sirius was the Royal Naval flagship that escorted the “First Fleet”, departing Portsmouth in August 1787 bound for Botany Bay, NSW, where they arrived in Jan 1788. After depositing their human and animal cargoes, the 11 transport ships returned to England, leaving only the Sirius and the smaller Supply to defend the new penal colony.

After a few months it became clear that the harvest was not going to be sufficient to feed the colony, partly because the land around Sydney Cove was not very productive but also because the convicts did not make good farmers. By October the food supply had become so critical that Sirius, a warship not a transport, was sent on a perilous emergency mission to the nearest reliable wheat growing source. And where was that? It was half-way around the world at the Cape of Good Hope, at that time administered by the Dutch East India Company (VOC), and not yet a British colony.

Sirius circumnavigated the globe via Cape Horn, loading up at Kaapstad with Boer-grown wheat and other Boer produce, returning to Port Jackson 7months later in May 1789 with enough food to keep the colony alive until the next (better) harvest and/or the arrival of the 2nd fleet.

After this epic RTW voyage the Sirius was in a bad state, so she was beached on a remote cove of the largely unexplored north shore of Port Jackson where she was repaired and “careened” of marine growth, etc, before returning to service. Just months later, in March 1790, HMS Sirius was wrecked on the reefs of Norfolk Island. Her anchor was later recovered and is on permanent display in Macquarie Place, close to Circular Quay. The outdoor seating area of the adjacent "Customs House" pub is a good place to sit and appreciate it.

The sheltered bay where Sirius was beached was initially named “Great Sirius Cove”, but later renamed “Mosman Bay” after the owner of the whaling industry that later occupied the bay. (Nearby "Little Sirius Cove" abuts onto the famous Taronga Park Zoo). Today, this beautiful spot only a 20 minute ferry ride from Circular Quay, is surrounded by 1920's mansions and expensive apartments, and packed with yachts, notably the 42m “Nelson” (hopefully named after the naval hero and not the false black “saint”!). It is one of the most expensive Sydney suburbs, expect to pay $A700,000+ (R5 million) for a small 2br apart with good views.

Every Australian child is taught about the first fleet, in fact any Australian who can trace their line to a convict, especially a 1st Fleet arrival, is regarded almost as a national treasure. But very few remember this episode, and even fewer (in fact NONE) have ever thanked the Boers of South Africa for having saved their once fragile colony.

On the contrary todays smugly self-satisfied offspring of petty criminals and ten quid trash who "call Arse-stray-liar home", have done everything politically, economically, and culturally possible to destroy their race relatives in South Africa by cynically conspiring with Black Thugs and Islamo-Fascists and self-hating white neo-Marxists, in the international anti-white "morality" fest that "triumphantly" ended in the undeserved gift of Africa's only civilised nation to Mandela’s moronic (IQ67) and psycopathic Xhosa savages. Meanwhile, in their stupefying self-righteous ignorance, Arse-stray-liars have been led by the nose to believe Mandela's Xhosa savages are the local “Aborigines” whose land it once was..!!! Fact is that, before 1900, when a few hundred black wekkas were imported from the Transkei region to help build Cape Town's new Victoria dock, there were no Bantu settleMUNTS within 1000km of Cape Town.

So, in order that some selfish self-righteous Arse-stray-liars could heal their (IMO, unjustified) guilt-complex about their own worthless indigenous sub-humans, and feel that re-assuring inner glow of goodness that comes from doing supposedly charitable deeds; every year thousands of South African whites are brutally murdered (and frequently tortured) by prowling bands of predatory sub-human psychopaths let loose and virtually sponsored by the gang of criminal psycopaths that unjustly mis-rules a once-great country that they KNOW they could never have built and KNOW they will never be able to maintain. The Afro-Nazi Criminals (ANC).
White South Africans are paying a terrible price for the arrogant selfish hypocrisy displayed by (many) white Australians, especially their political leaders.
“The degree of sympathy whites feel for blacks is in inverse proportion to their actual experience with them”. How true..!


Anonymous said...

So I assume you're not qualified enough for immigration to Oz either then mate...???

Bantu Education said...

Your right there mate - I probably wouldn't qualify today, partly because I'm a white European and not a Somali or Afghani refugee. But I did qualify in 1976 when I got my Lucky Country passport..!!!

The point of this post was to highlight the stupefying hypocrisy of white Australians selling their own cousins to the savages.

I dont know when your antecedents came to Oz but, assuming they were not convicts or ten quid trash, but - there but for the grace of God - they could have just as easily have gone to South Africa.

Would you like it if Australia was "given back" to the Abos by the Poms, and you had no say in it..?

Dont continue the tradition of Aussie hypocrisy. Try making intelligent comments instead...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bantu Ed...

SIC him, YEAH!!!

They forget that soon they will be in the same boat. As goes South Africa, there too goes the rest of Western Civilization. South Africa is basically the first frontier outpost of western civilization. All the rest murdered out their 'indigenous' populations and have almost managed to keep their hegemony. But it is all coming down. The same people that sold us out are selling them out too and they're STOOPID not to realize it.

I say good luck to the rest of these f#@%ers when they go down the tubes. They should have helped us when we truly needed it instead of feeding us more multi-culti bullshite...

But don't worry, our war for freedom is coming soon. Then we'll treat those buggers like immigrant trash too.


farmgenocide said...


South Africa is a Criminals Paradise.
South Africa is a Country of Thieves.
Crime is totally out of control.
South Africa has the Highest Crime Rate in the World.

Why is South Africa experiencing this orgy of VIOLENCE and CRIME?
The answer is very easy.

We have a BLACK ANC GOVERNMENT which is one of the most CORRUPT in the world.

The BLACK ANC GOVERNMENT, BLACK ANC Members of Parliament, and most of the ANC Municipalities, ANC Government bodies and ANC Organizations are involved is massive Crime, Bribery, Fraud, Theft, Corruption, Kickbacks, Racketeering, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, Organized Crime, MURDER, GENOCIDE, GENOCIDE, etc. etc ..

The BLACK ANC GOVERNMENT actively Promoting Hatred, Promoting Crime, Promoting GENOCIDE, Soliciting Murder against Whites and White Farmers, Aiding and Abetting in MURDER and ALL CRIME,
An Accessory Before the Fact,
They are actively Promoting Crime.

Their INACTION to Forcefully Stop Crime in South Africa is in fact actively Promoting, Crime because it says to the Criminals that it is perfectly acceptable to get involved in crime.

The BLACK ANC POLICE are involved is massive Crime, Bribery, Fraud, Theft, Corruption, Kickbacks, Racketeering, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, Carjacking, Housebreaking, Rape, Organized Crime, MURDER, GENOCIDE etc. etc. etc. etc…


The other BLACKS in South Africa are only just following their perfect example.

When is the ANC South African GOVERNMENT going to be ARRESTED for Crimes, Bribery, Fraud, Theft, Corruption, Kickbacks, Racketeering, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, Organized Crime, MURDER, GENOCIDE, GENOCIDE, GENOCIDE, GENOCIDE, GENOCIDE etc. etc...?
An Accessory Before the Fact,


WHO is going to ARREST THEM?

The SCORPIONS are being Closed Down.
The ANC don’t like being investigated or Arrested.
The ANC must be left alone to continue their ORGY OF CRIME.

The POLICE are Absolutely USELESS.

They are all using ROBERTS Instruction Handbook.
Go Beat up the Law Abiding Citizens.

Birds of a Feather.


WHO is going to ARREST THEM?

Anonymous said...

I'm only 25, but I can say that my country the USA also participated in the fall of the apartheid government.

And we helped bring down the apartheid government only a few years after we got rid of our own apartheid (segregation).

Bantu Education said...

I agree - every white nation did, to a greater or lesser extent. I think Reagan and Thatcher would have liked to go the other way, but even they were fearful of being labelled racists. Its incredible how powerful this weapon is against us. It is even worse than being labelled a "heretic" in the middle ages.

I'm impressed that you are only 25.! I wish there were a lot more young people like you with the ability to see through the smog of lies and deception.

Bantu Education said...

In a future post I want to make the point that it is CRUEL to subject white people to black rule.
Given the extent of black on white crime - and the extreme viciousness of it - I believe this might be a better drum to bang.

Given that white liberals like to put themselves on a moral pedestal and claim to have very high standards of emptahy with the "oppressed", how could they not be moved if we were able to drive this point home?

Anonymous said...

Please look at this page at detroitiscrap.com:

It is truly amazing that this happened in an American city. The webmaster at that site is only 25 as well.

Also, since you are from South Africa look at this website from there:

It is a White charity started by the trade union Solidarity to help fellow Whites in SA. They have a downloadable report on White poverty in SA. I hope the link works, if not please feel free to email me and I will send it to you.

Bantu Education said...

Isn't Mesa very close to ARCOSANTI?
I visited there in 1999, was rather disappointed with what I found, to say the least.

But I'm a big fan of the principle of Arcologies, and not just for the usual "save the planet" environmental aspects. I believe its social/political possibilities could be even more important.

Soleri is clearly a genius but the arcologies he proposed in his book are way too large to be practical and also his ideas on lifestyle seem to be very frugalistic. That wont sell. To make it come about capitalists have got to see a way of making dosh out of it. And socialists will like it too.

I truly believe that Arcology could prove to be the holy grail of ideaologies - the long searched for "middle road"..!

But, if or when it comes about (surely when?) Arcology holds the promise that whites (or any civilised group) will be able to create their own mini-states on leased land with individually tailored rules, etc.

It worked with Hong Kong, but its "protecting" power (the UK) was not strong enough to prevent it being swallowed by the great and greedy empire next door. This has always been the Achilles Heel of city states.

In the future the defence aspect will need to be addressed with some kind of league of city states, backed up by a great power.
I know its very ambitious but "I have a cunning plan, Milord".

(If you havent seen the Rowan Atkinson "Blackadder" TV series you wont appreciate this joke)

Anonymous said...

Hey B E...

Kalm Ballas...I posted the first comment here , and I also spent 10 years in Namibia/Angola and then another 10 as a SA cop definately doing a Fuckload more than you actually did to try and stop this current bunch of Azanian creatures running the show.
Knowing then in Africa , what you seemd to only learn after your "sojourn" through Africa.

Why Does Africa Concern you now that You reside in Oz.??
Why does Oz Liberalism freak you out now.???
Did You not do your homework well enough before choosing your new Home.??( It was your choice mate..)
Or were you abducted into Oz.??
You seem to be longing for something back in Africa that no longer exists.So now In case it escapes you , You had better make the best of a Kak saak.

Nobody gives a shit what happened and who fed who in the 1790's. Becuase the future , yours and mine are ahead of us and not behind us, so dont come the raw prawn here mate and bleat on about how shit Oz is today !!
Be advised there are empty Boeings leaving Perth , Sydney ,Melbourne , Brisbane several times a day from each of the above airports ,destination Azania.You're welcome to Jump aboard any of them.

Hypocrisy involves double Standards or sentiments of the same period. Yet You some how seem to want to compare past standards with the present.Times Change .

In the 1980's South Africa Much mockery of the Rhodesian "when we's" was thrown around , yet nowadays here in the Antipodes , all we hear from The ex South Africans Is Bitching and Moaning about how it was done bigger and better Back in the day in South Africa.
Same thing differnt accent mate.

Whats Gone is gone.
End of message.
Second Message:
Harden up or Piss off back home to Azania.

Anonymous said...

More White infighting.

We will continue to lose as long as this attitude prevailes.

Anonymous said...

According to its' page Arcosanti is 60 some odd miles north of Mesa. Here is the map from Mesa to Arcosanti so you can see the difference:


You may be thinking of Frank Lloyd Wright's house in Scottsdale, AZ instead of Arcosanti though. FLW house is called Taliesin West, here is the link:


Bantu Education said...

I thought Mesa was the small settlement close to Arcosanti but obviously I was wrong. Have you been there? Well worth a look.

Whilst travelling in SW China early last year, in Kunming I met an attractive lady (Italian American) of my age (er, um, Beatles generation) who is teaching there. I was amazed how many Americans are teaching in China. We had dinner and a bottle of local wine ("Great Wall").

In passing she told me that in the 70's she lived in a "commune". For some reason I must have asked more about it, and it turned out to be Arcosanti in its hippy heyday..! Whats more, she had the first child to be born there, and she pulled out a photo of her with Soleri (he's 90 next year) taken in 2006 when she was working for his Cosanti trust based in his Scottsdale property. (Soleri studied under FLW)

Well, unless she was just being polite, she seemed to sympathise with the plight of Saffers under savage rule. So she's shed her hippy sympathies. Funny how this tends to happen as one grows older and, hopefully, wiser.

Because, as they say, "there's no bigger fool than an old fool..!"

Bantu Education said...


My friend, you jump to wrong conclusions too easily. I'm neither an Aussie or a Saffer.
I wont say where I'm from cos I'm sure that will unleash a lot more of the rage that seems to be inside you. I went to SA for the first time in 1966 working on Union Castle. I didn't go back until 1991, and I've lived there continuously since. I am presently in OZ, where most of our family has settled. I personally dislike (most) Australians because of their rudeness and loutish uncouthness. If you like them good for you - perhaps you were meant for each other.

I've always understood the poitical situation in SA, and I have been on the side of African whites as long as I can recall. I saw Africa Addio as long back as 1967, and thought "how tragic!". When I lived in Australia I got into a few heated arguments with anti-apartheid hypocrites.

I presume you came across my little blog thru SAS. If you hate the coons as you seem to, I dont know why you're attacking me. You're probably one of those anonymice who troll over there criticising others like me for their supposed "inaction".

So what are we suposed to do? Pick up a gun and go shooting savages?
I'm no military men, I dont have a lot of dosh, I'm too old and, last but not least, I dont speak the taal. What I am trying to do in my own little way is to help spread the message. We are all hoping and praying that somehow, somewhen, somewhere, a leader will step forward and save part of SA.
I believe CAPE secession is the only feasible solution. I agree that looks remote now - but one must never say never.

I would like to do more but I dont know how or where to begin. I think most of us who want to save a part of white SA are in that boat. Meanwhile writing is a lot better than doing nothing - I speak the truth not to convince those who do not know it, but to defend those that do..!

Its a pity the internet wasn't around in the early 1980's, because thru the net we can speak the truth and can answer back the lies of the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Another bullshit nazi site where they only want their side told, not the truth.
FUCK THE BOERS, I hope the kaffers make them suffer like the FUCKING BOERS made them suffer.

Bantu Education said...

There you are darling baby boy, I've posted one of your childish rantings..!! Feel better, bubsy wubsy?

You've clearly got a lot of time on your hands...or should I say a lot of black cock in your hand?

Anyway, as I said before, but you were bawling for attention too much to notice...I'm not a Boer. So what is your problem anyway?
Aside from being an infantile attention-seeker I mean?

witbooi said...

Now there's a novel - if not new - idea = Western Cape, independant white homeland!!!

Problem is it would cost to much to remove all the oxygen thieving, sewage creating simian bipeds from the area....

perhaps we could get them to take their long walk to freedom....back north where they walked from because before the "evil whitey" they never knew what the wheel was...

Citizen Sane said...

The point of this post was to highlight the stupefying hypocrisy of white Australians selling their own cousins to the savages.

Firstly, Australia played only a minor role in "selling their own cousins to the savages." Britain and the United States were far more instrumental in underming apartheid.

Secondly, the white Australian people didn't sell out SA - their liberal elites did. And these same perfidious elites have also betrayed their own people by opening up the floodgates to massive non-European immigration into Australia. The liberalism of our elites is gradually destroying white Australia just as it destroyed white South Africa.

Yes, many white Australians have been brainwashed by their liberal rulers into thinking that "race is a social construct" and that apartheid was evil and "racist". But as Australia transforms into a multicultural dump via massive non-European immigration, many white Australians are beginning to wake up. Indeed, you'll find that many Australians, especially those who have been in contact with the Aboriginal people on this continent, never held such liberal views in the first place. In many respects, their views aren't much different to those of white South Africans.

In truth, I suspect your hatred of Australians is actually a hatred of Anglo liberalism.

Bantu Education said...
This comment has been removed by the author.