"Here is Wisdom..."[Revelations 13:18]

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  • "Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (666)" Revelations
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  • Mandela's prisoner number was 46664 - the "Number of the Beast" flanked by two 4's (in Chinese lore, number 4 is the death number) - co-incidence?
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  • In "IQ and the Wealth of Nations" Prof Richard Lynn estimated the average IQ of Black Africans to be between 66 and 67, quite possibly 66.6..?
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  • “African societies are like a football team in which one player will not pass the ball to another out of fear that the latter might score a goal." Daniel Etounga-Manguelle (Cameroonian scholar)
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  • "The destruction of white civilisation is the inmost desire of that league of designated victims known as 'minorities'". Joseph Sobran (1946-2010)
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  • the moral and cultural inferiority of blacks and browns is so obvious that whites feel the need to blame themselves for their lack of achievement order to maintain the illusion - the BIG LIE - of innate racial equality
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  • "I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about the social and political equality of the white and black races...I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people ... I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race" Abraham Lincoln 1858
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  • Blacks want to be perpetual victims of "White racism", as all their political power has come from being a “victim.”
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  • “It is nowadays considered a display of one´s sophistication for whites to fawn over and patronize mediocre non-white cultures and exaggerate their trivial achievements. The truth is that whites are embarrassed by the extent of their accomplishments so they are taught to be modest about their own race whilst elevating the “achievements” of non-whites and pretending that their cultures are not only the equal of ours but somehow more righteous”
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  • The Left loves diversity but hates diversity of thought.
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  • "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his career and his salary depends upon his not wanting to understanding it."
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  • “There are three classes of people: Those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not want to see.” - Leonardo Da Vinci
  • “The negroes......have received from Nature no intelligence that rises above the foolish. The difference between the two races......appears to be just as great in respect of the faculties of the mind as in color.” – Immanuel Kant – 1764.
  • Truth is considered hate-speech by those who hate to speak the truth
  • Society is a racial construct. Racism is a social construct.
  • Some ideas are so incredibly daft that only highly intelligent people can delude themselves into believing them. (George Orwell). The idea that racial diversity is a strength for a nation is surely the definitive example of this bizarre intellectual pseudo philosophising.
  • When a liberals brain is dissected you will find nothing right in the left brain and nothing left in the right brain
  • Martin Luther King said whites should judge blacks BY THE CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER and not by the colour of their skins. And I entirely agree with him..!!!
  • The 100% restaurant discount and NO TIP is a speciality of the SBG (sophisticated black gentleman)
  • "Once blacks take power, they do not want to live with a minority whose success highlights their own failure." Jared Taylor (Amren)
  • A mixture of 10% shit and 90% ice-cream improves the flavour of shit whilst completely ruining the ice-cream, and making shit palatable is essentially what multi-culturalism is all about..!
  • "There is only one good, KNOWLEDGE; and one evil, IGNORANCE" - Socrates
  • The white race is smart enough to create the most just and prosperous societies the world has ever known, but stupid enough to think that other races can do the same.
  • "It’s incredible that any white sends aid to Africa when Africans are anti-white racists" Mfonobong Nsehe (Kenyan journalist)
  • "INTEGRITY is the first fundamental of prosperity" is a statement most people would agree with. But almost anyone who has worked with Africans for any length of time knows that integrity is virtually non-existent amongst them, and this is why the idea of a prosperous and civilised black society is impossible
  • “The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the obviously untrue” - HL Mencken
  • If you’re not a liberal at 20 you have NO HEART - if you’re still a liberal at 30 you have NO HEAD.!
  • "When I am the weaker, I ask you for my freedom, because compassion is the white man's principle. But when I am the stronger, I take away your freedom, because tyranny is the black mans principle"
  • the degree of sympathy whites feel for blacks is in inverse proportion to their experience with them.
  • “Idealism increases in direct proportion to ones distance from the problem” - John Galsworthy
  • “The worst form of INEQUALITY is to try to make unequal things equal” - Aristotle (384-322BC)
  • Educating low IQ people - especially negroes - is a shameful waste of resources. It doesn´t make them intelligent but simply enables them to be perceived to be intelligent. If or when such people gain power the first thing they do is to eliminate the genuinely intelligent, who they know are a threat to their unjustifiably elevated positions.
  • "South Africa is a not a nation of 80% blacks with 20% whites, but one of 20% whites with 80% blacks" - "Camp of the Saints" (1972) by Jean Raspail. SA now has less than 10% whites and 90% blacks, but this truth still applies.
  • "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" in a NUTSHELL... A person with genuine qualifications doesn’t need AA....Therefore, those who demand AA are obviously NOT QUALIFIED..! To offer AA to a GENUINELY QUALIFIED applicant would be an insult to his ability and integrity. Acceptance of AA is therefore an admission of FAILURE and INFERIORITY..! AA is thus for LOSERS only..!”
  • "…the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them". Thomas Jefferson: Autobiography.
  • "... the lofty idea of `the war on racism' has become a hideously false ideology, where "anti-racism" will be for the 21st century what communism was for the 20th...a source of violence." Alain Finkelkraut (French philosopher)
  • Blacks have long since learned how to manipulate the white man by exploiting his compassionate nature and his sense of fair play, whilst having absolutely no intention of practicing the same virtues in return.
  • “CIVILISATION" (from the Latin 'civis') pertains to people who create cities and are well-adjusted to city life. Besides being totally incapable of creating livable cities or behaving in a “civilized” fashion, whenever blacks occupy human-built cities they predictably destroy them with their malignant presence. They are therefore the antithesis of “civilized”.
  • “If your skin is black you can be forgiven for anything.” Ian Douglas Smith (PM of Rhodesia 1964-79) He said this after black Zambian "soldiers" had shot dead 3 white tourists at the Victoria Falls. A young girl hid behind a rock for 20 minutes, when she thought it was safe she came out and was shot dead. The "international community" made excuses for the blacks.
  • IVORY COAST - When once asked by a reporter "how many whites do you have?", Francophone black President Houphouet-Boigny proudly replied - "I have 40,000 now and I hope to have 80,000 in a few years time”. Under HP's enlightened rule, the economic success of Cote D'Ivoire was widely touted by naively optimistic Western liberals as "self-evident proof that Black-ruled countries could be successful". After HB's death in 1993 "his whites" saw the writing on the wall and began leaving in droves, whereupon Cote D'Ivoire soon disintegrated into chaos.
  • “Men and women are 99.99 percent identical genetically but no one suggests that men and women are identical”.
  • "The outcome of elections is not decided by the voters, but by those who count the votes" Josef Stalin
  • A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul (GB Shaw)
  • “Africans like to think that all white men carry a sack of money to distribute amongst them” - My Ghanaian friend, Lomo Togo (1991)
  • "You're not a racist like most whites" – Thomas, a black student I befriended - Malabo, Equatorial Guinea 1991. Needless to say, this was BEFORE I arrived in South Africa..!
  • "...sullen peoples - HALF DEVIL and HALF CHILD” Rudyard Kipling's highly observant remark perfectly explains why blacks commit such barabaric crimes and are so insanely destructive both to themselves and other races
  • "I have always observed that wherever you find the Negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving." —Robert E. Lee
  • “The Native mentality does not allow for a peaceful demonstration. For them to gather, means violence.” Lt. Colonel Pienaar at the commission of inquiry into the “Sharpeville Massacre”.
  • The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those that speak it. George Orwell
  • “There is nothing more painful to me than to walk down the street and hear footsteps behind me... then turn around and see a white person and feel relieved.” Je$$e Jack$coon
  • "A racist incident is one that is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person” Macpherson report
  • Most people are afraid to hold an unfashionable opinion. This is especially true of women, since they tend to socialise more.
  • "To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself." Theodore Dalrymple
  • “As I was checking him in, I thought to myself ‘If this guy doesn’t look like an Arab terrorist, then nobody does.’ Then I gave myself a mental slap because it’s not nice to think things like that." Michael Tuohey, US Airways ticket agent checking-in Muhammad Atta on 9/11
  • We are constantly surrendering to the most powerful word ever invented - "racism" - every time our invaders (and their facilitators amongst us) use it, instead of standing and fighting against this deliberately vague word - we run for cover and give up a bit more territory. Our reaction is like that of Dracula's to a crucifix..!
  • The notion of black rulers able to contain black pathologies is a tragic, mistaken belief that creates new innocent victims every day.
  • "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear". George Orwell
  • "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" G.Orwell

Monday, 21 May 2007

Albert Schweitzer's opinion of Africans

"I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you."

Dr Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1951 ("African Notebook" 1939)
postscript: the beginnings of post-war political-correctness - a phenomenon largely spearheaded by left-wing Jewish intellectuals - ensured that this passage was omitted from later editions of African Notebook. (thanks UC..!)


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Bantu Education said...

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Anonymous said...

Spot on. where can I get a copy of this book?

Bantu Education said...

If you mean my book - "The Unlucky Country" - I am taking pre-publication orders from dickheads like you - send me a deposit of $100. If you want the "Lucky Country" fuck off to the library you wanker.

t said...

When Schweitzer was at Lambarene he wrote of an experience

In the middle of September we get the first rains,and the cry is to bring all the building timber under cover.As we have in the hospital hardly a man capable of work,I begin,assisted by two loyal helpers,to haul beams and planks about myself.Suddenly I catch sight of a Negro in a white suit sitting by a patient whom he had come to visit."Hello my friend," I call out,"won't you lend us a hand?"--"I'm 'an Intellectual' and don't drag wood about," came the answer.-"you're lucky,"I too wanted to become 'an intellectual',but I didn't succeed."

marwinsing said...
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marwinsing said...
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Marwinsing said...
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Anonymous said...

Just a quick one. The Book by Dr. Schweitzer is called:"African Notebook", Not "My African Notebook". The quote was a prologue to the original written in 1939. Ommitted in later editions.

If one reads the books of Schweitzer one will notice that he really loved the Africans, but it is a kind of love one feels towards a child or a pet. He was obsessed with the differences between whites and blacks.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Cracker,

This is 2008. NO serious person will believe that Schweitzer wrote, much less published, such a thing without adequate proof. Can you scan your own copy of the original 1939 edition of "African Notebook" -- just the cover, publication information pages, relevant passage, etc. and upload it to a reputable website? Or otherwise furnish proof of this extraordinary claim?

Bantu Education said...

To the Anonymous SERIOUS PERSON -

I havent seen or read the book myself - and i would imagine it would be very difficult to obtain the said 1939 edition. But if you SERIOUSLY believe it impossible that Albert Schweitzer - or any other famous personage at that time, including all US Presidents, could openly, and without fear of recourse, make (what today would be considered) "blatantly racist" remarks about blacks - then you are a VERY SERIOUSLY mistaken person.

I must admit - when I first read this, I did find it somewhat unlikely that he could have "gotten away" with such forthright remarks about blacks - however 100% true - as "recently" as 1959, so I am thankful to UC for correcting this detail.

Anonymous - if you would want to prove us wrong - and from your remarks you clearly would love to -then the onus is on YOU - not US - to find the evidence that Schweitzer never made such a "racist" statement.

But the truth is, you dont want to
know the truth do you..? Because you are undoubtedly afraid of what you might find.

Nevertheless I´m going to bring your remarks to UC´s attention in case he can elaborate some more.

But please tell me another thing - irrespective of whether or not Schweitzer actually said this - on a scale of 1 to 10, how accurate do you think it is about blacks..?

Minerva said...

"I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. ..."
Please give a precise, accurate ciation fo rthis supposed quote> It does NOT appear in the African notebook. I think it is a libel. Prove me wong if you can,

Bantu Education said...


You are right, but I have already acknowledged this fact...please read here..thanks

David Ben-Ariel said...

If only our White Israelite nations would have listened to such wisdom and never enabled blacks to vote in the US, now raped Rhodesia or South Africa!

Frikkie Botes said...

The truth will always hurt the unwise but will always set the wise free, the unwise will also ridicule the truth because they lack the intellect to understand it

Anonymous said...

I know some black people.. and they are so good or so bad like white people in every aspect..

if the quote from albert schweitzer be true then he must be psychologically a kind of pervert...

and I experienced many, many assholes in my life in white skin..

a white skin man who is not such poor in character to be proud of the colour of his skin !

Bantu Education said...

An Iranian living in Germany may meet "some" black people, but those will tend to be much better educated than their brothers in Africa or America. When blacks are a small minority they tend to behave quite well, but you cannot know what they are really like till you experience them when they are in the majority and/or they are in a position of power over you. Similarly, I wouldn't base my opinion of Iran or Iranians on a basis of a small handful I may have met in Europe. I would say that your positive opinion is based on "knowing" a very small selection of untypical blacks, and therefore your opinion is worthless.

DecayingAngel said...

I've found that the farthest other peoples live from blacks, the more positive their views are of them. But try living cheek to jowl, so to speak, feel what it is like to have to move from your home that was in the family since 1920 because the neighborhood had become "diversified", etc. etc. One has just to look at the ruination of our great cities, all of which look like bombed out war zones. Those with the rosy colored glasses need to take a much closer look at the reality, not some PC agenda about how there is no such thing as race, etc. Wonder what these folks would say if Lincoln's own views on the situation were known and not hushed up by the educational system? Sorry for the rant, but I've had enough of watching my once great Nation go down the drain due to the "wonders" of diversity.

Happy said...

Hahahahaha haha too true albert too true